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Dead State Full Version

Dead State Full Version Download


The rising of the old school undead zombies


RPG fans can congratulate themselves for the new member of this genre for PC, Dead State. This title developed by DoubleBear Productions includes zombies from a cocktail of genres adding a survival aspect to a post-apocalyptic world where these undead creatures have taken over the fictional town of Splendid, Texas. Available for digital download or in physical format, Dead State brings the old survival feeling alive.

The storyline of the game does not differ too much from other zombie games in which the population has been trapped in a quarantined city waiting for some help after the disaster has taken place. In this release, you will play as the one in charge of the local school, fighting for keeping your people safe and provided with the supplies you get in the scouting missions you make every day. Although the plot may seem simple at first, the state of Splendid and the behavior of its people reveal the high-tension situation people live in when life teeters on the edge.

Although the plot may seem simple at first, the state of Splendid and the behavior of its people reveal the high-tension situation people live in when life teeters on the edge

The technical aspect shows a simple game with graphics that resemble those from the late ‘90s on PC systems. The visuals can’t really compete with the latest games from the current generation, and the design seems so old-school that it really resembles the origins of the Fallout series. The camera control at least lets you explore the settings from different angles.

Number is strength
Number is strength

Zombie alarm

Having in mind its turn-based tactical role-playing gameplay, Dead State’s battles are designed to be dynamic with different options and weapons. First of all, battles are divided into tiles that will determine the kind of weaponry you can use; melée or firepower guns. The different enemies will use their own arsenal against you; zombies base their strength on numbers and humans on different techniques.

This release is purely single player, so those who are looking for a good multiplayer mode won’t find it in this title. The story-driven gameplay shows a great flexibility on the conversational options and also in the way you can carry on the survival adventure. The main character will be fully customizable and will count with a full party of three more characters during the game for making alliances and an intelligent AI management.

Before entering guns a-blazing into an abandoned shop, it is a good idea to clear the area for avoiding being detected by nearby enemies. Big zombie groups are dangerous, so it is a good idea to lurk single zombies for getting rid of them individually. That way you won’t take unnecessary risks. The download of this game will bring the same old danger feeling, increasing the difficulty level on other survival horror titles.

Collect all kind of supplies for surviving
Collect all kind of supplies for surviving

Dead State Full Version Features

Check out the main features of Dead State:

  • Old school style release with an isometric camera view that resembles the classics of the genre
  • Story-driven single player mode based on surviving the zombie apocalypse and collecting supplies from the city to help your own people
  • Gameplay based on turn-based strategy in which each decision you take counts to the final battle results
  • A whole city to explore on your own in a free open world crowded by zombies and rogue humans
  • Non-linear game progression in which you can take your own moral decisions that will affect the final events
  • Advanced AI for your allies that will help in your battles and for your enemies that will fight back according to their possibilities

For additional details of Dead State, be free to check its official website through the following

System Requirements

Here are listed the minimum specifications for installing the Dead State download on your PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • CPU: 1.7GHz processor or faster
  • Video Card: NVidia GeForce 8500 GT 512MB, ATI Radeon HD 7290
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • HDD: 1.5GB free space


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    DoubleBear Productions